Emoticon auto-completion in french


(Baptiste Michaud) #1


Many of my users are complaining about the emoticon autocompletion.
In french, we put a space before the semicolon, and use a lot the semicolon to start quote or list.

So, each time, somebody type “blablabla :[enter]”, he end up with a :smile: instead of a paragraph.

How about adding a configurable delay before the emoticon auto-completion ?

ps: here is my customized discourse Numerama

(Robin Ward) #2

I’ll see if this is something I can fix in my new version of the discourse editor.

(Régis Hanol) #3

Not sure adding a delay is a good idea.

It would be better to fix the way we trigger the emoji popup, ie. only trigger if there is at least 1 non-whitespace character following the :.

(Baptiste Michaud) #5

That could also be a valid suggestion, but I feel that, it need to trigger filtering and english people will want direct suggestion of all emoji not only emoji starting by :[character].

Any way an option like “start emoji suggestion after” X characters, could be perfect !

(Régis Hanol) #6

Yeah that’s what I had in mind :wink: That way it can be customized to fit whatever locale your Discourse is in.