Entrance location of read closed topic

It might make sense to go into a closed read topic (ones without a close comment maybe?) at the last written post instead of at the close notification.

It’s a little annoying having it load with only the close notification at the very top of the screen and having to scroll up to see the content again.


I am not following what you mean here. Do you mean “closed”? Screenshot?


Yeah I meant closed - lemme fix the OP.

I’m not really following. Unless you had a previous read position, you’d enter at the top.


I’m saying that I think that even after someone reads a whole topic - if they go back to it, it might be a bit better to go in at

vs. the above

Just so there’s some content on entry vs. just a closed message.


Ooh yeah another reason is that in the former case you need to scroll up to even access the topic scrollbar while in the latter it’s already just there.

I agree. It makes no sense to focus on the ‘Closed’ entry ever. Just default to visiting the last post before the closure.

This is especially evident when you do, for example, a pinned site announcement. The second time someone visits it they will move to see the Closed message. This is pointless. They surely will have wanted to revisit the main message.

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I agree there is merit to this request, but I worry about adding complex logic to our “where should we scroll to” routines.


Maybe have a setting that auto hides the lock/pin announcements? Been hiding them manually in the case @merefield described earlier with pinned/closed announcements.

Another thing that might help is moving the location of the topic timeline at the end of topics e.g.