Event modal doesn't add code to composer in Firefox?

I have trouble creating an event (modal seems to work but create doesn’t paste the code in the composer) on latest 3.2.0.beta3-dev ( 5bd92dd252 ) with firefox 119.0 on windows (but it works fine with chrome), no error in console nor in the admin log. Can anyone confirm this ?

I can’t repro this? I can add an Event use the gear menu modal and it pastes the code into the composer.

Firefox 119.0, Windows, Discourse 3.2.0.beta3-dev (983fd04f4b)

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Hi Jammy,
thank for testing that. I’ve still not found why my firefox setup doesn’t behave normally though :thinking:.

Hmm. I’m not sure. Are you the same user in both Chrome and Firefox? (just to rule out something potentially different with a test user)

Also, maybe try a private browser window to rule out any extensions?

Yes I do, but I’ve tested both a sandbox and a live instance, which have different users.
I think I’ve ruled out locales (but maybe not timezone :thinking: )
I’ve tried deactivating extensions one by one, and just did in a private windows, but no luck

I’ve just turned it on on try.discourse.org and allowed all TL1 to create Events (which is the default starting trust level on there). Could you test it out on there?

Just to check I’ve not got muddled, all I’m supposed to be doing is:

  • Use Firefox
  • Create new topic
  • Use gear menu and Create Event
  • Pick some options (does it matter which?)
  • Insert
  • Check if composer has Event markdown in
  • Create topic for good measure

Great ! I was just about to ask you for that. And yes these are the steps I also follow.
So a click on the create button of the event modal doesn’t paste the markdown in the composer on try.discourse.org, but inserting a poll does work.
I’m going to try it on another PC :exploding_head:

edit: it works on the other PC, might be easier to try to make it break now :sweat_smile:

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Just to say I still have this issue too. All works fine in Chrome and mobile, but not in Firefox!