Experimental topics list filter feature

order:posters or order:likes may be close to what you want. You could also try posts-min: to filter the list down.

order:posts should probably be added since we have posts-min and posts-max`, and most of the other cases where we allow you to filter by a count also support ordering by that count.

Votes would have to be added as an option via the corresponding plugin. I don’t recall if any plugins are already doing anything like that.


@tgxworld I would like to use a filter to quickly jump to my private messages that I wrote to a specific user.
For example:
created-by:me recipient:username
Is it possible to implement something like this?


Currently the /filter route does not support private messages but it is definitely on our roadmap to do so.


I’ve got a couple of things which would be good to have in the OP:

Order by title (i.e. alphabetically)

We can now also order by title (which is super useful):


You can target subcategories using this format:

Feature request - a banner or similar

While it is absolutely brilliant to have these filtered views, it would be super helpful to have an explainer up the top of it (analagous to the Category description) so users understood what it was about.

Alternatively, it would be even better if we could specify one of these filters to be the default view of a category (or even a tag).


Sorry for the dumb question, but how do I display that list of filter options? I just have the filter field in /filter .

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…just enter the filter input field?

That UI is not part of core yet. It’s coming from this theme component:


Greetings, would you be so kind as to provide guidance on configuring this particular component?

You first need to enable the experimental topics filter site setting.

Then after installing the component, you can edit the filters modal:

But since it’s heavily under work in progress, I wouldn’t use it in production. There’s not much you can do with the component.
It doesn’t allow the creation of new filters as they are defined server-side.

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I extend my deepest gratitude for your response :raised_hands:, it appears I have now comprehended the operational logic of the component. :boom:

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As previously mentioned, I’d too love to see support for the Solved plugin for both solved and unsolved statuses.

We just landed this @gormus



I know this may be late, but I can also search status: closed in /search as well, may I know how the filter is different? And as an additional benefit, I can search for certain words that appear in the closed topics using search.