Feature request: "Regular mode" for admins and moderators (something like "sudo" for the UI, basically)

I’m both an admin and a participant in the Fedora discourse sites. I’d like to be able to separate those roles. I know there’s the “staff color” for Official Posts, but I mean more from my side. Rather than admin wrenches and buttons everywhere whenever I’m logged in, I’d like a menu toggle which would activate Admin Mode on and off.


We also have

These plugins both let you disguise your identity as a staff member. i.e. you can make a post from a more ‘official’ looking account, which cannot be obviously linked back to you as an individual.

However, I don’t think that’s quite what you’re asking for? You want a way to make Discourse look/feel like it does for regular users, and then “enter sudo mode” to make all the extra admin-only functionality available?

I think it would probably be quite hard to implement… but it would be pretty awesome! Many years ago (before I joined the team), I made this component for my own self-hosted forum. It has the same kind of idea (make regular/admin privileges obvious), but it’s limited to one very specific case:

If there are other tightly-scoped cases that are often confusing on your site, it might be possible to make similar theme components to popup warnings before taking admin-only actions.


Yes, exactly. I guess it partly comes from years of being a sysadmin, and having the idea of “least necessary privilege” drilled into me by practical experience. (rm -rf as root in the wrong place on a production system is a rite of passage!)


This is also of interest to me. My current workaround is to use both chrome and edge. In chrome I have my admin account, but in edge I am in the admin account and I impersonate a user account with an expired email. The impersonation is only because I don’t want to talk to IT.

In your sittuation you could create a second login, and have one browser for admin, one browser for user. Not perfect but for me it’s been good enough.

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Here’s a good example of where this would be useful:

I don’t want to be able to accidentally violate intended tagging rules. (Are non-admin moderators also able to accidentally do this? I can’t easily test, even.)

I could create a separate admin account and demote my main one to a regular user, but I’m afraid I’d miss important flag notifications and messages.