Feature request: Sort display of topics Alphabetically

(Andrew Waugh) #1

Currently the list of topics can be sorted by replies, views and activity.
What about sorting by title?

Example: Here are some user guides I have created for users, I used a nomenclature for the titles. It would he helpful if the users could sort on title.

Sort topics in user-defined/alphabetical order
(Blu McCormick) #2

I’d like that feature, too. In my case, it is for a category with topics that I’d like sorted by date as each topic has a video recording of a council meeting and it would easiest to digest them in chronological order in terms of finding meetings and having a sense of what is going on in the town.

I found a work around if anyone else reads this thread looking for how they can sort their topics in a category in chronological order of some sort. See this thread:

(Benjamin Lupton) #3

Just wanted to cross reference a post of a user asking for support as they had a difficult time finding a meeting thread in a category. If sorting be alphanumeric was available, this would not be an issue for us.

Here is the category in question:


(Carson) #4


The ability to sort a topic list alphabetically by title would also be helpful for when Discourse is deployed as an intranet.

For instance, in MacOS, Windows, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. “sort by name” is a default or common way to organize files. When Discourse is being used for a staff directory, to provide easy access to policy documents, to provide notes from a regular meeting, and for other common use cases in an intranet, ‘sort by name’ would be a natural and preferred way to organize content within a Category.

(Chris Beach) #5

I’d use this to list topics tagged #recommendations.

Currently I manually maintain an “index” topic with links in alphabetical order to individal recommendations topics, and an automated index page with alphabetical sorting by title would save me a lot of time