Pinboard, a simple UI theme

:dizzy: Summary Pinboard is a theme with a simple user interface. It goes well with a flat taxonomy, like a plain list of categories or tags.
:eyeglasses: Preview Live Site
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository GitHub - nolosb/discourse-theme-pinboard
:open_book: New to Discourse Themes? Beginner’s guide to using Discourse Themes

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Theme Features

  • Use with categories or with tags only
    You can hide tags or categories from the interface and use only either one.
  • Custom landing page
    You can build a custom landing page similar to the one on the previews.
    • Install the Versatile Showcase component and set it’s outlet position to discovery-list-container-top
    • Set your homepage to the top route
    • Choose the custom top page option on the theme

Component Features

The theme automatically installs a few additional components:

  • Dark/Light Toggle
    Set the Light color scheme on the theme settings. Choose the Dark color scheme in general settings.
  • Header Search
  • Clickable Topics
  • Tag Styles
    To choose color styles for tags.


This is a very nice theme, I love the simplicity!


nice work brother… :heart_eyes:


Wow! This has a great aesthetic to it


The theme looks awesome! Minimal in a good way. Love what you did with the sidebar.

Great work @nolo :+1:



Please help with what setting am I missing here. home page shows outer wrapper for me with topics below. Instead of each pin board

Thank you.


Looks like a productive theme with great simplicity that can easily save you lots of time thanks to its user interface.


Did you check the option as described above?


Yes. I did select that option.


You also have to set Top Topics as your homepage. Your homepage is set to the categories list. That’s because this theme setting only shows the pinboard lists and hides the content below. That only works on the top route. We can replace top topics with a pinboard list of top topics if needed. We typically need the categories list or latest topics for the forum to work.

You set the top page to be your home page by making it the first item of the top menu list in your admin settings:


@nolo Thank you.
This is missing exactly. Now it’s fine.


Is this theme supposed to hide the top menu (Latest, Top, etc)? Is there a way for us to bring it back?

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Yes, these items are hidden. I’m opinionated about it on this theme because Latest/New/Unread are already available from the sidebar and Top is used for the landing page.

If you want to use the theme and have those items on the navbar, you’d need to override the style declarations of the theme manually.

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I don’t see Latest/New/Unread in the sidebar, either on my instance of the theme, or the test site, or the screenshots in this post. Can you point me in the right direction?


Latest is called Everything on the sidebar by default. On my screenshots it’s named All.

But yes, it’s true that Unread and New don’t show on the sidebar now. I thought they showed there just as they had before on the hamburger dropdown. Maybe I remember wrong or it has been changed. There’s still constant updates to the sidebar.

The contextual info about new content on the sidebar are notification dots following all menu items that hold new content for the logged-in user:



Big fan of this theme.

For some reason, the Dark/Light Toggle theme component is not appearing the header.


Thank you :sunny:

It doesn’t show for me on the default theme either, so probably related to the component.

Actually, see here: Dark/Light Mode Toggle - #88 by RGJ Right now the toggle only shows when a user has automatic color mode switching enabled.

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@nolo really, really well done. Is the font-sizing deliberately this big (big according to me) ?

Screenshot is from a laptop 15 inches - It seems out of proportions ?

Have you considered a tabbed solution in stead of displaying the categories in boxes in list-format - i.e. “feedback” would be a tab next to “Welcome to Pinboard” ?