[feedback wanted] bookmark reminders poll

Our current bookmark modal is due for a little redesign.

Among other things being considered, we think the amount of reminder options offered is maybe a bit overkill.

In this topic we’d like to gage what the most used timeframes are.

Current design


In the current design…

I often use…
  • Later today
  • Tomorrow
  • Later this week
  • This weekend
  • Monday
  • Next month
  • Custom
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If custom, I’d be valuable to know which one, feel free to let us know.

Longterm VS shortterm

I’m most interested in using…
  • Short term timeframes (one hour, two hours, tomorrow)
  • Long term timeframes (next week, next month)
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Open question

What would be your Top 3 predefined options?


As a frequent user of this feature, here are the 3 options I’d personally prefer (along with custom)

  • 1 hour
  • 3 hours
  • Tomorrow

Usually it is because I don’t like to get the notification at 8:00 am. Since the forum is about a hobby, this is not the time I spend most time there. So I would open the notification menu when I don’t have much time and then the notification bubble disappears, so it does not help for the evening.

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I usually use later today (mostly when I’m on mobile, as a substitute for “when I’m back on desktop”) or tomorrow when I read something at the end of my day and I want to follow-up the next day. For everything that’s further into the future I usually select a custom date (the time is mostly an annoyance in that case).


i love bookmarks and use often. i only ever use (in order of frequency):

  1. none needed
  2. later today
  3. custom date and time - specific to the bookmark subject

rather than rely on reminders (i find them a bit annoying personally), i just periodically go review my existing bookmarks and remove any that i don’t need or want anymore. i would probably use the reminders more if i had reasons to, like for reminding me of meetings or deadlines related to posts about projects or solutions for example, but i don’t generally have that with my forum, nor on Meta.