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Hi everyone,

As a new member here and as a moderator on our community I would like to ask if the data on the first response time is calculated based on the time it takes for first post-reply or if by moving a post to an already existing topic would count as a reply.

Any more clarification on how this data is calculated or any advise on how to improve it would be really helpful!

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Time to first response is calculated by subtracting the value of the topic’s created_at field from the value of the created_at field of the topic’s first reply. If you move a post to an existing topic that does not yet have a reply, that post’s created_at field will be used to calculate the response time for the topic. Only ‘regular’ posts are counted as responses - ‘small action’ posts that are added by Discourse are not counted as replies.

For details about the query that is used, have a look at this topic: Time to response.


Hi @simon

Question 1: If someone creates the post A in the Bug category and we first reply there but then move it to a different category: Is this post A included in - First Time Response - data of of the Bug category?

Question 2: If I first reply in the "Report a Bug " category and then move it to the “Current Bug” category. Is this post taken into consideration in the - First Time Response - report of “Current Bug”? If yes…how?

Thank you for your help!

These are good questions. I had to search the code to find the answer. When a post is moved from a topic in one category to a topic in another category, that post will be included in the Time to First Response report for the new category if the post was created after the topic that you moved the post to was created. If the post was created before the topic was created, it will be excluded from the report. If this wasn’t the case, moving a post to a new topic could create a negative response time. The relevant code is here:

One thing to note when running the reports is that the results are cached for 35 minutes. You will need to wait for 35+ minutes after running the report for a specific category so that you can get fresh results.

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