FKB Pro - Social theme

I also decided to try while you are discussing.

I have fbk installed as a theme. I also set up the color schemes according to the instructions and for some reason the color scheme does not change when I press the trigger.

Could the problem be that the dark scheme is set by default?

Could you check these settings are seted up correctly?


If you have seted up the dark and light (default) color scheme the same color palette in your user interface settings it won’t change.

Only 2 color schemes available

Dark color scheme set

Auto dark mode is off

I think the problem is, on the FKB Pro theme page the Color Palette is the FKB - Dark for your setup and the default dark mode color scheme id is FKB - Dark too. In this way when you clicking the button it will switch to the same color palette. Try to change the Color Palette on FKB Pro theme page to FKB - Light.

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default dark mode color scheme id - changed on FKB-light, not work when I switch
image image

Yes, it helped.
But for some reason it only works if you are not authorized.

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It depends on your personal preferences too. You can find it here preferences/interface. Change the Color Scheme section.

It works for anon because the site settings makes the
Default color scheme: FKB - Light
Dark color scheme: FKB - Dark

But I think it is overwritten on your personal settings.

I don’t quite understand, is it possible to make the default theme dark with the option to turn on white?

Technically it’s possible with changing on the FKB Pro theme page the Color Palette to FKB - Dark and the default dark mode color scheme id: FKB - Light. But you shouldn’t do it. This not too user friendly when user change the device to dark mode then it will use the FKB - Light scheme. So I don’t think its a good idea. And the sidebar toggle will also works the opposite way.

If you really want to do this then a little better if you disable the automatic color scheme change site setting. This way the dark/light color scheme change won’t works automatically. But users can select the prefer color schemes on their preferences/interface page.

Ah. I have a lot of users who don’t want to register and read the guides. It’s a pity that it is impossible to change the color scheme without authorization from Dark (default) to secondary white through 1 button on the panel

Hello, I am using this theme with the “Topic Ratings Plugin” plugin. I have done all the updates now.

The rating star appears on any topic title page.

But on the homepage, I see [object Object] instead of the rating star of the posts.

How can I fix this?

*Note: The problem occurred after the update.( Discourse and Topic Ratings Plugin )

Hello @restivulmu :wave:

Please try it on other themes e.g. Default theme. The theme only has a small CSS snippet about topic ratings which can’t cause this kind of issue. Did you update your Discourse version too?

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Thank you. The problem continues when I switch to different themes. Then there is no problem with the theme.

Everything is the latest version, I have no idea about the main source of the problem.

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Great theme!

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@Don Hello! Is it possible to make this component compatible?


Wonderful theme @Don - thank you so much for creating it.

I am wondering if it’s possible to replace the home page by a topic list rather than the cards?

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Hey there. How could I move the bottom section to line up with the red line?

It isn’t lined up with the topic/post section above it and it’s killing my OCD, haha.
Also, @Don, how would I move this top tab over to the right? I have tried messing with the CSS but can’t figure it out. I don’t like how it covers the topics some.

If anyone was annoyed by “low-hanging” letters (like the letter “g”) being cut off, as shown below, the fix is:
Go to the fkb-c-topic-list.scss file and change line 123 (by default at least), which is:
line-height: var(--line-height-small); to line-height: 1.1rem;. Makes it show normal without being cut off.

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In addition to my 2 replies above, @Don, is it possible to have a mixture of the topic image backdrop for images that are vertical VS horizontal?

Example: If a vertical image is posted, I would like the whole thing to show like this, so that the image isn’t cut off and has the blur.

Then, if a horizontal image is posted, I would like it to take up the entire space without needing blur, like so:

Would be great to have this and is how FaceBook actually does it.

Hello @Festinger :wave: Thanks! Do you mean using the default topic list template? I am not sure yet but I will try this. If It works then this should works too.

Hello @45thj5ej :wave: Actually that is perfectly lined with topic avatar + topic body width :smiley:

But you can change it if you want :arrow_down_small:

Desktop CSS

.topic-area > .loading-container,
.more-topics__container {
    width: var(--wo-avatar-width); // without avatar width
    margin-left: calc(60px + 1em); // avatar width + distance between avatar and body

Yeah, this one is not the easiest because this element has fixed position. I don’t think we can move it nicely because the side distance will always different on different size of screens.

Thanks, I’ve increased the line height.

Nope, this is currently not possible with this theme.