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Sorry :pensive: Birdaha olmaz…

Hello, I think this code is for the input in the header section.

My site is only for members, when the guest enters, it redirects to the login section, I need the code for that, how should we add it, thank you.



Yeah the previous one is for the header signup button. :slightly_smiling_face: I think in this case the easiest way is to override the core template to add icon. We can do it with plugin outlet too but I think on this page it doesn’t really matter because if we use plugin outlet then we have to create new buttons and hide the default buttons section.

You can delete the previous version component what you created because that is not relevant and won’t solve your problem.

I made a simple theme component what you can install. I added some settings where you can change these buttons icons (Sign Up and Log In).


Thank you very much, good work, I congratulate you, I wish you success :+1:

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Hey dom, thank you very much, it’s working smoothly, good luck to you.

I have one more question, users want to turn off the theme option, how can I turn it off, choosing a theme in the settings is turned off, but the user chooses themes in her profile, how can I turn this option off.

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Ok, I found it, sorry for bothering you, thank you very much for everything.

There is a shift in the usernames for your information, the username is a little above

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@Don How do I pull in different logos for the theme? For example… a mobile logo?

EDIT: I forgot to add… this is an awesome theme… thank you!


You would have to export theme & download or download it from github.

Your better to use a component to augment the theme vs forking the theme. As with forking you would need to keep it upto date yourself if any changes cause breakage.

Just make a component called something like Fakebook extension snd put your mod/overrides.


Hello, you can add logos under branding in site setting: Customize Your Site Branding


Ok… I think I figured out my real problem. I will try to explain. I use the light color theme… but I change the header to black. The desktop header background is controlled by the “header background” color… but if I open it on a mobile phone… the header background is actually controlled by the “secondary” color.

EDIT: I think I figured it out. I created a component and added this to the mobile css…

.d-header {
  background-color: var(--header_background) !important;

Hey @falcon9, Thanks for pointing out, I see now. I’ve removed the unnecessary background color from mobile header. Please update the theme. :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome… thank you very much!

Is there anyway to add a “featured image” similar to Wordpress… or… is it possible to make the theme search the entire topic (beyond the first post) until it finds an image to use?

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Sure, with other component. For example, you can try this:


The theme already does this by itself. I’m just looking for a way to control it more. I am looking for it to go beyond the first post to search for images / media or have a place to upload a “featured image” that it would default to.

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Really? Then I stand corrected. I thought it came from TLP because it is active at my forum.


I’m totally hopeless :man_facepalming: I had to check do I use TLP or not with FKB Pro. And I’m not.

So, let’s forget I’m even visited here ever…

(And now I understand what you are after — but could TLP fix that need, or would there be somekind conflict then because of overlapping functionality?)


No @Jagster you were correct. :+1:

TLP does provide a control to choose which image.

I’ve never installed the sidecar plugin with another Theme, but it might work …


Yeah, you right this theme is use the first image as thumbnail from the OP. So you can’t choose it manually. However, it is good to know it works with TLP :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok… so there are two different components like this… I was using this one…

I’ll have to test yours out and see.

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With the Topic List Thumbnails there’s this:

This only works for the OP AFAIK. I think the same applies to the TLP sidecar, but I may be wrong… Yeah, sorry, it’s in the description some posts above: you can pick one image from the entire topic with the TLP sidecar.



I’ve merged an update to the theme. :slightly_smiling_face:

This update contains:

  • split up SCSS into multiple files
  • slightly new sidebar style
  • fix some UX issue on user pages (new user navigation style)
  • move avatar size from head_tag <script type="text/discourse-plugin" block to javascript initializer
  • change narrow desktop width to 1000px (on desktop menu panels change to mobile menu panels)
  • remove most of the chat style (it needs some love as lots of thing changed in core)

Topic List

User page