Developing a plugin allows users to hide content from other users by using BBCode.

  • Add the following BBCode to your post:
  • [LOGIN]content to hide[/LOGIN] : hides the content from the non-logged in users
  • [LIKE]content to hide[/LIKE] : hides the content until the user likes the post
  • [REPLY]content to hide[/REPLY] : hides the content until the user replies to the post

The first too seem pretty cool. Though the last one typically once the reply is posted it jumps the user to their reply. So they might not see the hidden content that is revealed upon creating the reply.

I would add option to hide from users not the Op that are not in a targetted group.

This request is similar iirc was for a Tabletop RPGs forum

How could this even be implemented server-side, since anyone can see a post’s raw contents?

You would need a plugin I believe for server side

This looks like it should work but might need some fix ups