Forum crashing a lot and always giving error 500 and error 503 and Error code 502

this happened after i switched servers
Is there any command to clean or do something to improve?

Slow down, too many requests from this IP address.
Please retry again in 6 seconds.
Error code: id_10_secs_limit.

now show it

when trying to load /permalink-check.json
Something went wrong.

You can start investigating the problem by looking at the /logs page

like this? I can not understand anything

That looks like you may have some significant issues with your new setup. Could you try creating a fesh instance and restoring a backup to it?

What is fesh instance? How to restore a backup for this? Didn’t I already make that backup?

Fresh instance / new install.

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So I create another server at Hetzner and backup my current forum and put it on the new server? @JammyDodger

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Yes, exactly this. :slight_smile: Please share your results :slight_smile:

Do you have a backup from before you changed your server? If you do, it could be preferable to use such a backup.

  1. Create a new server

  2. Install Discourse

  3. Restore the backup

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I no longer have the backup before changing the server, will that be bad?

I don’t know. Try with the backup you have and you’ll see how how it goes :four_leaf_clover:


It’s good practice to keep ~3 recent backups off your production server on S3 storage. Then you you have more redundancy and can repeat rebuilds if necessary from a consistent starting point.


I did what I was told, I created a new server, I did a new discourse installation and uploaded the same backup (Since I didn’t have another one) but these errors appear, what errors are these? Should I worry about them? How do I fix?

As I don’t understand English I use translate, but the translations are out of context for me

Hi @xebiyen :slight_smile:

There’s no need to mention so many people directly. They should get a notification if they’re interested in the topic, and will reply if they have an answer for you. :+1: