Google groups importer stripping content

Hey, I’ve been looking at the google groups importer and have noticed that in some cases it strips off some of the content of the message.

For example:!topic/event-store/fGIIDOSGa1Q

Results in:

Where everything after about 2/3rds of the way through the code block has been stripped.

The text is in the original so I’m not sure why it is being removed as part of the import. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve not looked at the code (edit: in years), but I my guess is that the problem is that the line with the bare , is getting interpreted as the start of a signature, and that’s why it’s getting stripped.


That sounds reasonable. Is there anyway to fix this?

Sure. See what messages are causing the problem. Modify the code to not strip the messages. The trick is getting it not to strip the stuff you want while still removing the cruft.

If you don’t want to fix the code yourself you can post in #marketplace.