Group flair going behind user card after upgrading to beta4

After upgrading from beta3->beta4, there has been some weird issues which can’t be traced to any commit with core or plugins that are being run on the forum.

Using the Material Design theme and retort (and some others but I don’t think those are worth mentioning), the group flair on user avatars have decided to go behind the user card, see:

I checked the CSS and removing the z-index from retort seems to fix this. But here’s the problem: there has been no commits to the retort repository since May 21, which is what is really confusing about this. There has been new plugins installed so there shouldn’t be anything wrong there.

Any insight on this would be great.

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Retort isn’t an official plugin, the maintainer is @gdpelican. Updates to core do have consequences for third-party plugins and themes, which is to say that a Discourse update can necessitate updates from third-party maintainers.

If you’re sure that b4 now clashes with retort the best place to mention it is within the plugin topic.

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Fixed as per, sorry for posting in the wrong place too.

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