Hiding unsolved checkbox on pinned topics

(Ben Leong) #1

I’ve just enabled the “empty box on unsolved” setting for the Discourse Solved plugin, and like the way that it helps prompt community members to post on the unsolved topics.

It looks a bit messy when applied to the pinned threads in each category, though - topics like “About” won’t have a solution, even in a category that’s mostly focused on Q&A.

Is it possible to remove/hide the empty from pinned posts, while still keeping it visible for other topics in that category?

(David Taylor) #2

I agree - looks messy for pinned topics & closed topics. This relates somewhat to

(Sam Saffron) #3

Feel free to send through a PR to fix this

(David Taylor) #4

Do you think this should apply to “solved” topics as well?

i.e. if something has an accepted answer, and is closed/pinned, should it show the check mark in addition to the padlock/pin?

(Sam Saffron) #5

closed solved is totally legit imo no reason to hide.

Archived with unsolved box or closed with unsolved box does not add value.

(David Taylor) #6