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Just to note that this fixed the problem:

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Hi! Is it possible to show more than 3 topics with this theme component?

The tag you selected cannot be used.

I get this error when I set a topic with a tag named “featured”.

Trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Probably something in my settings I’m sure.

[EDIT] fixed, its the option the category settings “allow use of other tags”

Anyone know the CSS to hide the featured topic’s titles? Not the word “Featured Topics”, but the actual title of the topic. I’m using the titles in the image, so having text below them is excessive.

This should do it

.featured-topic-wrapper .featured-topics .featured-topic h3 { 
  display: none; 

How can i display the homepage feature component under the discourse search banner component or under the versatile banner component ?

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I think we can make an improvement on our end for this so there’s a better selector than #main-outlet > span:first-child… but this CSS added to your parent theme should do it:

#main-outlet > span:first-child {
  display: flex;
  flex-wrap: wrap;

.above-main-container-outlet {
  width: 100%;

.above-main-container-outlet.search-banner {
  order: -1;

This sets the container with the components to use flexbox, which then allows you to reorder them.


If the forum is private and is only accessible via login then after login the site goes to https://example.com/tags/featured.json

It also shows a space where the featured post would appear at the top of the page before login

PS there’s no link to this page in the component settings like other components so submitted an issue on GitHub before realising I could come here

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is the red rectangled area in my screen shot this component or a different component/plugin? Screenshot by Lightshot

Have you made any changes to the component? I don’t see this behavior… I log in from the “account required” page and I’m taken to the homepage as expected.

Hmm, it shouldn’t… what I see is an empty div…

I guess maybe you’ve added some additional padding or margin to .homepage-featured-topics? If that’s the case you might want to target a different div instead… .custom-homepage-wrapper would be my next choice and should function the same way.

Thanks! I’ve added it.

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I don’t think it’s this component, and if it is it’s been heavily customized!


Thanks @awesomerobot for your reply.

I’ve tried it again and realise now that it doesn’t work properly unless there is an image in the Topic - plus I made sure it’s only visible to logged-in users. I had only one featured Topic without an image so maybe that was the issue?

It’s working now great. Thanks for your work on this.

By the way the component settings still aren’t showing an About link on my setup even though I’ve updated just now - see the screenshots below

I can see now that about.json has the code needed:
eg for Alternative Logos (Alternative logos for dark / light themes) it’s

  "name": "Alternative Logos",
  "about_url": "https://meta.discourse.org/t/alternative-logo/88502",
  "license_url": "https://github.com/discourse/discourse-alt-logo/blob/master/LICENSE",
  "component": true

This component is working great at our forum (after some CSS editing to match our theme :smiley:), kudos to @awesomerobot

One thing I’ve noticed: featured topics always appear above banner topics. Personally I think they should appear below them, it’s more logical due to the nature of banner topics. Is there a way to accomplish this or would it be possible to at least be able to choose its placement at the component options?

Another suggestion to @awesomerobot:
Author and date…

Exemple… below the topic title put something like:
-round-avatar- by -username- | -x- days ago

@awesomerobot I just noticed that this component is showing when I’m logged in as an admin, but not for other logins, browsers, or even incognito windows.

Here are my settings:

And here’s what I’m seeing while logged in as an admin vs. regular community member:

Do you know what may be going on here?

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Might you possibly have set the featured tag to topics only visible for staff/admin?

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That was it @torstensson, thanks so much!


@awesomerobot hi Kris, unfortunately it doesn’t work for me, maybe some option that I have to disable, I get this error, what should I do exactly?

Thanks in advance Kris.