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Thanks @awesomerobot for your reply.

I’ve tried it again and realise now that it doesn’t work properly unless there is an image in the Topic - plus I made sure it’s only visible to logged-in users. I had only one featured Topic without an image so maybe that was the issue?

It’s working now great. Thanks for your work on this.

By the way the component settings still aren’t showing an About link on my setup even though I’ve updated just now - see the screenshots below

I can see now that about.json has the code needed:
eg for Alternative Logos (Alternative logos per theme) it’s

  "name": "Alternative Logos",
  "about_url": "https://meta.discourse.org/t/alternative-logo/88502",
  "license_url": "https://github.com/discourse/discourse-alt-logo/blob/master/LICENSE",
  "component": true

This component is working great at our forum (after some CSS editing to match our theme :smiley:), kudos to @awesomerobot

One thing I’ve noticed: featured topics always appear above banner topics. Personally I think they should appear below them, it’s more logical due to the nature of banner topics. Is there a way to accomplish this or would it be possible to at least be able to choose its placement at the component options?

Another suggestion to @awesomerobot:
Author and date…

Exemple… below the topic title put something like:
-round-avatar- by -username- | -x- days ago

@awesomerobot I just noticed that this component is showing when I’m logged in as an admin, but not for other logins, browsers, or even incognito windows.

Here are my settings:

And here’s what I’m seeing while logged in as an admin vs. regular community member:

Do you know what may be going on here?

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Might you possibly have set the featured tag to topics only visible for staff/admin?


That was it @torstensson, thanks so much!


@awesomerobot hi Kris, unfortunately it doesn’t work for me, maybe some option that I have to disable, I get this error, what should I do exactly?

Thanks in advance Kris.

Do you have any topics tagged featured? This component relies on tagging being enabled (in your site settings).


Hi @awesomerobot,

I was wondering what is best aspect ratio and if needed size for the display pic?

Just looking over this component and it might be what I’m looking for if I can edit it a bit.

Would it be possible to re-purpose the topics for embeds?

E.g. can I use a dual feature, and embed a youtube video on the left and a twitch stream on the right and call it “Featured Content” ?


Hi @awesomerobot

Has anything changed in this component? Since upgrading to the latest version (this component as well as discourse) I only get two topics with thumbnail on the homepage and the CSS also seems to have changed a bit (you can check at forumscp.com).

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At a glance I can’t see any reason for this, the preview link in the original post above still shows 3… can you link to the topic you’re expecting to be in the third slot on your site? it’s possible I didn’t account for something.

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It’s this one:

Actually, it should turn up between the other two according to the latest: Redacção Porta 10-A - FórumSCP

Could be it be that the topic doesn’t have an image to be reproduced? Shouldn’t the component in that case either go with a predetermined image or pick up the next topic with an image?

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I seem to have run into another issue with this component as it’s no longer loading on our community. I noticed it’s also not displaying on the theme creator preview either.

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Thanks for reporting it! I had a deprecated route in there (/tags/featured is now /tag/featured). You should be able to update it now to get it back.

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Thanks for taking a look! That cleared it up.

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What is the reason for the hard-coded limit of 3 featured topics? Any chance of making that configurable? I’d like to be able to use 6 to replace our current use of Topic List Previews.


this theme is not working correctly when used with Topic list sidebar navigation.

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@awesomerobot gentle nudge :slight_smile:

Also, should you decide to support > 3 featured posts, it would be great if we could select the image size. Right now the TC is using 1024x1024 images, which would be too much when we use smaller images.


After migrating my setup to subfolder this theme component doesn’t work anymore.

Is it enough to use get-url's getURL when setting or checking the routes? Maybe also on ajax calls? (ajax calls are already handled). I can give it a try if this is the way to go.

Also, I think this match is a little too broad? e.g. if a topic has search or admin in its title it doesn’t show the component when show_on is set to all.

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