House Ads in the official Ad Plugin

Not for my website. And even on bowsers where I don’t have AdBlock, there also I cannot see House Ads option.

@thegurjyot just build app again. I don’t know if that is the right way but it worked for me.

./launcher rebuild app


Is Houseads compatible with all kinds of code?
Can I use JS code to place the ad?
(I’m planning to place affiliate ads and they supplied me JS code)


<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
  var size='160x600';
  var pubname = 'abcd';
  var src='302';
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="abc.js"></script>


should we place just basic html code


<a href="ad.html">Click here to shop</a>

I do not think JS is on the table but @neil can clarify.

I did rebuild the website with putty and it worked for me. Now the option for House ads is available.

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You can put the <script> parts in a customization in the </body> and your link as a house ad.


Could you please provide me the steps?
This could be a life saver for me.

I should paste the entire <script> parts in </body>

I’m confused here.
Could you please tell me what should be step2?


Create a new house ad with this content

<a href="ad.html">Click here to shop</a>

And add it to one of the 4 sections.


But I’m not seeing any link between step1 and step2?
Or am I not getting it?

Step2: is just creating a hyperlink - it doesn’t do anything else.

I’m trying to place ads by pasting JS code.
The JS code that I pasted in </body> isn’t making any difference.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

My bad, I misread. I thought you needed both steps… I missed the “OR:see_no_evil:

Yeah, I don’t think <script> tags are going to work in House Ad. You should only put “bare” html (often a link with/out an image).


Hi Neil,

I created a house ad and used the site setting ‘no ads for groups’ to exclude certain groups from seeing ads, but they still do. Is this a bug or does this setting affect non-house ads only? Thanks!

Even if it worked, it may only populate the ad unit once. We built the ad plugin to deal with refreshing ads for you when users navigate, which requires calling the ad network’s API whenever the page changes. Trying to put an ad network’s javascript into the house ads input fields isn’t going to work.


I fixed an issue that sounds like that. Have you updated the plugin recently?


Yes, it works fine now. Thanks for that!


So we’ve implemented House Ads on our site, and we’ve realized an issue. If you’re using ads from a 3rd party provider, you normally need to provide a file /ads.txt (similar to robots.txt) in the root of the site. Is that something that’s easy to do? We can upload it manually, but perhaps it’s better to include an option to paste it in in the ads plugin.


You should have a textarea field in your site settings where you can paste the contents of your /ads.txt file. It should look like this:


It’s a shame that it’s called “adsense ads text” since it isn’t specific to adsense. Renaming it now will be annoying.


That’s my mistake, sorry. I can take a look at renaming.


As of this commit, the setting has been renamed to “ads txt” and moved to the Ad Plugin group:


Hi, just curious, so the “Topic above suggested” ad will appear only for logged-in users and not others? I recently faced this issue on both the desktop and mobile version. Thoughts, please?