How can notifications be configured?

In this selection:


Does “notified” mean that I will receive an email AND a notification on the community website? I think this is the current behavior?

However, is it possible to choose to not receive the email but still receive the notification on the website (or via the community’s app)?

Email preferences can be configured by users in their preferences or by an admin globally.


Also there is a user preference you can set to not receive emails while on the site, which is the default.


Notifications are always sent as emails if you haven’t been seen on the website for ~10 minutes. This is configurable in your user preferences in the place you’d expect.

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Thanks everyone!

So would these email settings mean that no emails are sent, even for Topics that are ‘watched’?

What if there was an option that said:

Do not send me any emails from the community (overrides other settings):
No emails


Yes, that is correct (answering your first question).

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