How do I solve the google play policy problem?

I shot 2 videos to solve this problem.

1st video: Muting and blocking users.

2nd video: Adding a link to the navigation and reporting the User. When you click on this complaint link, a ready-made draft message opens to send a message to the moderators.

But even though I explained these, it is said that not everything is clear in the application. How do I solve this problem?

I’m adding the message sent by the Google Play team below.

Step 1: Fix the policy issue with your app

During review, we found that your app is not compliant with the User Generated Content (UGC) policy. User-generated content is content that users contribute to an app, and which is visible to or accessible by at least a subset of the app’s users. This includes, but is not limited to, user profiles, comments, media, posts, etc. Apps which contain or feature UGC content must adhere to UGC guidelines whether the app is intended for all users or is more restrictive about access where users may be added rather than signing-up. If your app is only intended for private or limited access, please consider releasing it on a private track. In addition to having proper moderation tools for users, all UGC apps must be compliant with all ‘Restricted Content’ policies.

Please carefully review the following issues which we have identified with your app:

Issue with your app:

Your app does not provide a user-friendly, in-app system for users to
block, remove or hide any other users for any reason.
You can refer to the attached screenshot for additional information.

Action Required:

Moderation Requirement: Provides a clearly labeled in-app system for users to report content/ report other users/ block other users/block content. We strongly recommend that all required functionalities are labeled and/or designed in a way that is clear for users. This is especially relevant for reporting features which may serve multiple moderation purposes.

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I submitted a fix and I still get this error. The response is as follows. I am also adding the part mentioned in the photo. What can I do for it.

Your app does not provide a clearly labeled in-app system for users to block other users. You can refer to the attached screenshot for additional information.

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OMG. What could be more clear?

Some 22 year old can’t be bothered to read your site? Thousands of sites have exactly the same text and have been approved. That’s very frustrating.


I completely agree with you. I don’t know how it could be any clearer today. I think he wants the options to be in the profile without being clicked.


I would ask them to escalate this matter.

Insist that the functionality exists.

Perhaps you can change the text to exactly what they expect - ask them if that would be sufficient and for them to provide the actual text!

(I have much sympathy for you, I’ve been down this road with clients several times!).


Thank you. I will try this suggestion.