How do you post as system?

Wondering how to post as system. Searching around the forum + admins settings, but still unsure.
Any tips appreciated; thanks.

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As an admin, go in system user page (admin/users/-1/system) then click the Impersonate button to the bottom right:


Hmm, that option is not listed on our instance.

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You can first create a post in Your own account then change its ownership to system user.

The option to do so (as an admin) will be in the wrench menu under the OP


And then hide revision (after you change post ownership)


Yes, are any of the following possible:

  1. Hide ownership revisions
  2. Restrict who can see ownership revisions by trust level (aka admin only)
  3. Create original post as system rather than having to change ownership
    Impersonate may simply be disabled on our instance.
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I just said that above :wink:

No, both staff (admins and moderators will be able to see them but users TL0->4 won’t be able too)

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Could you point out how to do this ?

So you change ownership as @itsbhanusharma showed you. Then you press the orange pencil icon on the top right and press this:

Nobody but staff members can see the edit now. This feature is only for moderators and Admins.


Perfect. Thanks a lot for the answer.


Wonderful answers. I want to give multiple Solutions, but cannot. :frowning:
Thank you all for the wonderful instructions! :slight_smile: :star_struck:

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