How to Get Links to Open Up in a New Tab for posts


I’ve been posting blogs in the DMC bytes category which has links throughout. I am wondering how can I get the links to open up in a new window. One of our team members was able to change a setting that opens up links for new users but not existing users. Is it possible for this to work for existing users and if so what is the process?


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Hi there!

I would highly reccomned leaving that setting alone if possible. I guess it’s a matter of opinion, but I feel like there are many who would agree that it’s good practice to leave it to the user to decide whether they want to open a new tab or not.

With that said, the setting can be changed retroactively using the methods outlined here, or if the site is hosted by us, have the contact on file reach out to us to make the change for you.


What’s the contact information for the person I should email? The site is hosted by discourse.