How to make it obvious who is staff?

Hmm. Here is a screenshot of part of the “latest” display in my community. I can’t tell (at least in this view) who are staff and who are users…

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Creating a custom group, wanting to add an avatar flair, I can’t just upload an icon? There is no icon at Font Awesome that matches what I want to show…

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Yes, you can upload images and use them as the avatar flair badge.

I don’t see any upload option? (Note this community is hosted by discourse - maybe that makes a difference?)

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Have you tried pasting an image URL into the Avatar Flair Image field?

I tried a .png but no go. Looks like it needs to be a fontawesome image? Trying to figure out how to convert a .png to a fa-icon…

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Peter, you need to set your custom group as a “primary” group to see the flair. Check your group settings and enable it.


Thanks for that but still trying to upload an icon to use…

For the fish, use only the string fa-fish.

I’m trying up upload my own image, not use a Font Awesome URL.
I drag my image to the page, but I just see the image in a chrome tab, it doesn’t upload… tried .png and .ico

Ah - that page doesn’t support uploads.

You need to make a theme component and upload your desired icon to that if you want to use your own.

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This doesn’t seem easy. Arg.

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Hey Peter :wave:

Can you take a quick look at Include images and fonts in themes and components (You can stop reading when you get to the “Including assets in remote themes and components” section!)

Basically what you will want to do is upload the image file to your main theme. As you’ll see in the topic I linked, there will be an “Uploads” section where the file will be listed with its variable name and direct link. What you can do is right-click on the direct link and copy the link. If you paste it into the avatar flair image field on the groups page, you should be golden!


Thanks. I did all of that. I now have the flair. But it only shows when I click on a user, not when browsing postings etc.


Below are the locations where the avatar flair is supported:

Can you confirm that out of those, only the User Card is working?


Yes, I only see the flair when I click on the icon of a person. Nowhere else…


Noting for anyone that passes through this topic that we were able to get this sorted. The flair does display correctly in the currently supported locations. Displaying on topic lists is not supported in core Discourse at this time.


Also we’re gonna add a nice clear #howto on this topic courtesy of @dax. Thanks for the nudge @Peter_Galvin