How to rename "Badge"

Hi, I’m a admin at , which is a pilot installation. I’m trying to figure things out. The discourse installation is meant as an alternative to wikimedia-l mailinglist. As the audience is wikimedians, mostly Wikipedia editors, some things have to be “localized”. Wikipedians are accustomed to things called “Barnstars”. These are a kind of “Badges”, however those are manually assigned in stead of automatically, and those are called “Barnstars”. So the question is how do I replace “Badge” with “Barnstar”?

You should be able to customize it from

I really hope Discourse gains traction in the Wikimedia community.

And by the way it would be nice to have SSL :slightly_smiling:


Next time check if SSL is working for you. And yes, now are Badges called Barnstars, thanks for the link!

looks good to me … badges appear to be barnsters on your site.

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