Moderators / Regulars

Hi, users who are promoted to Moderators; do they also automatially become Regulars (even if they have not done the things normally required to become a Regular)? :slight_smile:

I believe the user’s trust level will remain the same regardless of whether they are staff or not. They will also be promoted or demoted based on the same principals of any non-staff user.


I just did this, promoting a user who is labeled as TL2 to moderator. You can see their admin settings here:

They are not granted any special trust levels, and still don’t meet requirements for TL3. What happens is they’re automatically granted permissions of moderator (which exceeds TL2, 3, and 4) but if their moderator status is revoked, they go back to whatever their trust level is.


The above posts are correct but it is academic, as staff enjoy staff privileges regardless of trust level… as long as they hold the staff position, of course.


Thanks, you are correct. My hangup was that I invited a user as Staff (was granted user level 3) and then I promoted him to moderator.
Later I though he should not have gotten the “Regular” badge so easy, I wanted him to earn it, so I revoked the badge, but he kept getting it back, because I had to also manually reduce his Trusts level to lower than 3 to stop the Badge from coming back. :slight_smile:

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