Is Sign Up with Linkedin Possible? Impossible?

I’ve seen the topic on LinkedIn Authentication Plugin, but that covers only “Sign In with Linkedin”. What I’m looking for is a method to Sign Up with linkedin. I remember trying this before, but found some documentation saying it’s not possible, but I cannot for the life of me find those documentations again.

Before I spend too much more time on this, I’d like to ask if anyone has tried adding this to their Discourse, or if anyone knows if it is/isn’t possible. Will be willing to post a job about this on marketplace to help us enable it in our server, but I imagine that since we allow “Sign Up with ___” for the other associated sites (Google, Twitter, etc), there’s probably a reason they didn’t include LinkedIn.

Any input is appreciated.

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I know that Google auth works to create new accounts. I would be quite surprised if linked in doesn’t also work for new accounts.


Yep, the mechanism for ‘sign in’ and ‘sign up’ is exactly the same when external providers are involved. The LinkedIn plugin will work exactly the same as the core Google/Facebook/Twitter integrations.