Stand alone signup form/link?

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Is there a feature available or in development that would enable me to embed a sign up form or a sign up direct link from an external source? Say, a blog/website inviting people to join the community?

You can direct people to the login page (ex. Discourse Meta), but I’m not sure if a similar link works for registration.

Thanks Joshua,

Yes, I tried that before and have to say it works to an extent. Especially, when you have the content on the site locked from public. I even used the messaging options there (I think welcome message) to prompt people to sign up.

Would be nice to have an embeddable form though. Or better yet (and assuming - easy) a direct sign up link. Although, I have a feeling I’m asking a little too much. Wonder what the community thinks.


Some discussion about it:


To summarize the end result, here’s the link you’re looking for: or more generally http[s]://mySiteDomain/signup


Sorry to bump.
*I found this thread when searching Google for adding a signup link in Discourse’s global banner.

What I found to work best is to use an invite link (take care with link expiration and # of invites limit). It will look something like this:

When a non-member clicks, they are taken to the signup form with a “invited by yourname”.
When a member clicks, it ignores/bypasses the invitation signup form and takes members straight to the forum homepage. (unless you have set up a custom redirect for the invite to a specific topic)

The other options have some caveats:

takes/shows even existing members to the signup popup.

shows already logged in members the login popup which does not work

I’m guessing invites may not have been in place in 2016. :man_shrugging:

Hope this helps.

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I believe there may also be a move to dedicated login and sign up pages on the horizon too: