Stand alone signup form/link?

(Karthik) #1

Hey Guys,

Is there a feature available or in development that would enable me to embed a sign up form or a sign up direct link from an external source? Say, a blog/website inviting people to join the community?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

You can direct people to the login page (ex. Discourse Meta), but I’m not sure if a similar link works for registration.

(Karthik) #3

Thanks Joshua,

Yes, I tried that before and have to say it works to an extent. Especially, when you have the content on the site locked from public. I even used the messaging options there (I think welcome message) to prompt people to sign up.

Would be nice to have an embeddable form though. Or better yet (and assuming - easy) a direct sign up link. Although, I have a feeling I’m asking a little too much. Wonder what the community thinks.


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

Some discussion about it:

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #5

To summarize the end result, here’s the link you’re looking for:
Discourse Meta or more generally http[s]://mySiteDomain/signup