Is there a way of "forcing a refresh" on all your users?

Hi guys,

Recently after a rebuild (latest) it seems that features such as notifications are not working properly. Even some basic functions such as clicking on the site logo to go back to the index seem to “load forever”.

This happens mostly with Chrome, but doesn’t happen with Chrome on Incognito. And yes, forcing a Cookie+Cache hard clean on Chrome does solve it… until the next rebuild, it seems.

Is there a way to “force clean” any cookie or cache (sorry don’t know the proper term for what may be causing this) for every user? Like the “This site has been updated, please refresh” prompt or maybe some command to renew cookies?

Maybe I’m completely wrong, I’m just assuming is around there based on the behavior.

Thankful for any help!

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I was noticing something similar on my development install - failed navigations spun forever instead of pulling up the error page.


Sorry, what’s the repro here? Can you repro it on this site or ?

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Tried, but I can’t.

Apparently the “solution” from a user’s perspective is to delete cache files (no cookies). (Found out after a lot of debug with the community).

Every time a rebuild is done some users experience the same behavior again, only on Chrome.

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Can you post a link to the site you’re experiencing the issue on?