Is there a way to prevent a topic from bumping?

I have a “checkins” thread in my forum where people can check in with their daily to-do list. We’re a bunch of academics and worked in relative isolation even before the pandemic, so that kind of accountability is helpful to many of us.

But the problem is that the check-in thread is always bumped to the top, because it’s almost always the most recently updated thread. Is there some way to prevent that particular topic from bumping? The only wrench-accessible option seemed to be “make unlisted”, but that would prevent new users from seeing the thread at all.


There is a “reset bump date” in the topic admin wrench.


If I’m not mistaken that updates the bump time to now, right? What I’m hoping to do is something like make the bump time of the thread “clamped” to say, relatlively 12 hours ago, so that other posts today won’t be pushed down below it.

(But maybe this is plugin territory.)

PS, wow, you’re Jeff Atwood. :slight_smile: Thanks for all the stuff you do! Discourse is rad!

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How will folks know it was updated? :thinking:

Also, have you seen /unread? I always set that as my default view, and it really manages the flow. I’m starting to suggest this for sites where the /latest becomes a “firehose”.

Whaaaat? I thought your name of Codin G Horror! :exploding_head:


Maybe this is crazy and wrong or maybe it is a workable solution until something better comes along.

If you stick it in a category by itself then it is not in a list that will have a priority based on last edit date/time, so the date/time becomes meaningless.

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No the bump time goes back to the previous value.

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Thanks, my bad. I’m still a little vague on who has access to the reset bump functionality, but even if users have it I doubt they will do it (I forget to myself). So the real solution for me is to just post more content. :slight_smile:

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