Isabelle, an Animal Crossing inspired theme

I think we can all use a bit of an escape this week, so I’ve built a theme based on one of my favorite game series: Animal Crossing. This one is specifically inspired by Pocket Camp’s interface.

This theme features calm earthy colors, rounded corners, and chunky buttons.

:raccoon: Github repo:

:cat: Preview on Theme Creator

:dog: How do I install a Theme or Theme Component?

There’s still a little more refinement to be done, and I’d like to add some fun background pattern options… but I’m sharing this today to celebrate the release of New Horizons. :heart:


I just finished setting this game up with one of my daughters! Lovely :heart_eyes:


This theme is so cute! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Now we need a topic transform animation when you scroll topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing work @awesomerobot !


I think something may have changed? I’m suddenly unable to see the three-dot menu on posts:



Thanks for reporting! we updated the default style of those menus and I should go through some of the themes and make sure they’re working as expected.

I’ve made the update for this one:


Hi @awesomerobot,

Hope you can help me figure this one out, I’m using the theme (which, by the way, it’s beautiful) and I’m having an issue similar to the one posted by @Heather_Dudley but on the hamburger menu.

If you are using “Box” Category Style the Categories don’t show on the Hamburger Menu. Can you help me on how to fix that?

I’m trying to learn CSS by looking at your theme and comparing it to the default one.


Hi @awesomerobot thanks for this theme and for the updates.
Love it! :crazy_face:
I tried adding the blog component but there´s a page width problem.
I have no idea if it´s the theme or if it´s the blog component.
If you ever have them loaded up and have a minute. Thanks


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this is good job , ty.

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An FYI! The theme is cutting off half of the hamburger menu; only one that’s affected atm. NOt sure if it’s the theme or something else, just not getting the same issue on default nor other themes:

Have to switch over to access guidelines.

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