It would be great to be able to assign personas created in Discourse AI to respond to the topic

This is a great plugin Discourse Assign Plugin and I came up with an idea again.

It would be great to be able to assign personas created in Discourse AI to respond to the topic by assigning them in this way. Bookmarking these personas by sending messages every time to get them to reply causes unnecessary posts and is not a nice sight.

We can add these personas to the addition list by making them moderators and add them manually. However, a trigger is required for it to automatically respond to the topic. Can this be added as a feature? Or is it something that can be done with the API or automation plugin?

  • When added to a topic, it will see previous messages and create a reply accordingly.
  • When added to a post, it will only reply to that post.

I think it’s not a bad idea :slight_smile:


Can you talk through the mechanics with a concrete example? We already have the ability to triage and tag per:

Allowing it to assign should be pretty easy.

Actually, the logic is very simple and I think this will make the job of administrators and moderators much easier.

For example, when a question is asked, we may want an artificial intelligence character to answer this question. In this case, I recommend using the assign plugin.

  1. A user creates a new topic or asks a question.
  2. The admin or moderator assigns an AI character to this topic.
  3. The AI character answers this question or topic.

Subject assignment can be made in two ways:
1- to the whole topic (you can read all the messages and write an answer accordingly, a limit can be set)
2- To any answer in the topic. (Just create a reply to that answer)

Let the AI create an answer according to the situation assigned by the admin and write a reply to the topic.

Normally, we can get an artificial intelligence character to respond to the topic by simply marking. However, this will be inefficient as it will cause unnecessary posts.

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What about making a Whisper asking the AI to respond to the topic/post? That wouldn’t show up for most users then, only staff/whisper allowed groups, which would decrease the clutter aspect I think.

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At the moment if you mention a mentionable persona in a whisper it will reply in a whisper.

The assign idea is certainly very interesting


Exactly, this is what I’m talking about. I add the characters to assignable groups and can assign them to a topic or post. But then it is necessary to trigger this neck response. I think it won’t be too difficult. With a simple update, we can ensure that the character responds to the assigned topic or mail.