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:discourse2: Summary Discourse Assign provides the ability to assign topics and individual posts (both private and public) to a user or group.
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link https://github.com/discourse/discourse-assign
:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse


Discourse Assign adds a “tag like” annotation on the topic list and topic header with the username of the assigned user.

It allows you to assign topics to users and list all of the assigned topics.

Also, user groups can be assigned to the topic. In that case, each group member will receive a notification. In group Interaction configuration, you can specify Who can assign this group. By default, is it set to nobody.

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 1.46.12 pm

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 1.49.32 pm

In addition to assign to specific topic, individual post can be assigned as well. This option is hidden under “…” (show more) post toolbar. When a post is assigned, information about that is included in the topic title. Also, first post contain link to assigned post.

Assignments can also (optionally) be associated with customizable statuses, and will track changes to their statuses in small_action posts.


Site Settings

  • assigns by staff mention if you would like mentions by a staff member of another staff member to assign a topic select this

  • unassign creates tracking post: out of the box when you unassign a topic a post is created in the stream to keep track of the fact it was unassigned, disable to remove the tracking post

  • assigns public : out of the box all assignments are hidden from non-staff, if you want non-staff to be able to see who owns which topic, enable this setting.

  • assign self regex if you would like to use a magic phrase to assign stuff to yourself add a regex here

  • assign other regex if you would like to restrict it so only mentions with a particular phrase are assigned to others add something here

  • unassign on close if a topic is closed it will automatically be silently unassigned

  • unassign on group archive when a message is archived unassign it, once it moves back to inbox reassign it.

  • reassign on open When a topic is opened reassign previously assigned users/groups
  • assigns user url path template to path that is used as a hyperlink for any user assigned tags.
  • assign mailer When to send notification email for assignments

  • remind assigns frequency` Frequency for reminding users about assigned topics.

  • max assigned topics Maximum number of topics that can be assigned to a user.

  • assign allowed on groups controls the list of groups you can assign to. When a topic is assigned to a group it shows up in the individual assign list for all group members. They are notified when this assignment happens.

  • enable assign status Add a customizable status field to every assignment.

  • assign statuses is a list of statuses available to each assignment. The first status is the default status applied to every new assignment.

Listing assigned topics

There are 2 ways of viewing assigned topics,

  • In topic list format:

    • https://sitename.com/latest?assigned=username to view all assigned topics for a user
    • https://sitename.com/latest?assigned=* to view all assigned topics for all users
    • https://sitename.com/latest?assigned=me to view all assigned to current user
    • https://sitename.com/latest?assigned=nobody to view all unassigned
  • The user page activity there is an extra assigned tab visible to staff on activity and messages tabs



  • Keyboard shortcuts

Thank you to McNeel for sponsoring this work!


This does not seem to work as of now. If I’m a part of group A and someone assigns group A to a topic, it doesn’t show up for me when I visit /latest?assigned=me.

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Hi Kuba. :wave:

That is a filter on the latest page. The mentioned “individual assign list” is at /my/activity/assigned. :+1:

Thanks! Is there a specific reason why those two filters behave differently? :thinking:

Is any way to configure the time of recurred notifications?

UPD: When a topic assigned to Group, users in Group do not receive email notifications. Is it correct? I expected users get an email + recurring emails (every day, every week) like single assignee.

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