Keyboard nagivation on the search page

After you start a search with ‘/’, type your query, and submit with Enter, then it takes you to the results screen:

You can move through these with much tabbing, but it would be much more convenient to use j/k/o/u like you can in topic lists.


I would also like search results to work with keyboard navigation. :slight_smile:


They already do, up / down arrow… a to add to composer:

@udan11 how hard is adding j k support to full page search?


Not too hard :slight_smile:


Could you expand on that? The composer is the…

Oh, I get it! Haha, the path reveals itself.

Hey, any reason it shifts to up/down rather than j/k in that context? Because I was adding my support to the navigation for the full search page, but I had actually not known about the up/down but definitely tried the j/k in the search modal. :dizzy_face:

Only J or K would not work because you would be appending J and K to the search input. You would have to either use Tab, , the mouse or some other key.

EDIT: I included these shortcuts in keyboard shortcuts modal ?:


Thanks! It became apparent to me (just like the “a to append” above) later, when I actually used the search that suddenly made all the sense.

Thanks folks!

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This worked for a while, but has gotten weird.

j/k will go up and down on the list, but o doesn’t enter the selected topic. Instead it always loads the currently last displayed result. (Or number 50 if there are more than that in the results.)

What I did:

  1. hit / to open the search box
  2. type something
  3. hit return
  4. j to move down the list 2 items
    Can I Admit Something...? 🤔 is the selected title
  5. hit o

What I expected to load:

What actually loads:


Just pushed a fix for your issue. It should be working as expected now.