Language localization bug

In the community, we can choose to arrange posts either by change date or by the number of replies in each category, as shown in the image below:

However, I noticed that in our Chinese community, these two fields cannot be changed to Chinese:

I tried to change all the relevant fields under “Admin” → “Customize” → “Text” to Chinese, but these two fields still remain in English:

Is this a current bug, or am I setting it up incorrectly? If it is a setting issue, how should I configure it to display these fields in Chinese?

我 这 里 很 正 常 啊
It’s working for me here

顺带一提 你改错字符串了,不是那个
By the way, what you changed is not the correct string.

It should be js.activity


Can’t find this string… Could you please be more specific?

Hello :wave:

This theme looks like to me Sam’s Simple Theme? Which override the template and adds theme translations where you can translate these.

Go to: /admin/customize/themes/
Select: Sam's Simple Theme

This page you will see the theme translations.

Screenshot 2023-10-07 at 13.36.41

Of course, It’s only works if I was correct and you use this theme. :slight_smile:

If I was wrong with this - I am pretty sure you will find these translations in a theme or theme component you use because in Discourse core this section is different.