Latest update put a square box on screen that prevents the use of the forum

I just updated our forum to the latest version of discourse. After the update, a white square box appears in the middle of the forum and prevents any action. You can’t click on just anything.

Link to our forum:

I have tested it on different browsers and devices, same issue.

Any help will be great. We are hosting with DigitalOcean.

Thanks a million

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Looks like you are using an incompatible plugin. It works in Safe Mode when I disable unofficial plugins.


Thanks Gerhard,
It actually works in safe mode. But how do I troubleshoot to know which plugin is causing the problem? My co-founder installed some plugins some time ago, but he decided to part ways a few weeks ago.

Thanks again

This is likely caused by discourse-content-locker which has been in broken status for over two years now. You might want to try the guest-gate plugin which has been forked from the content-locker plugin.


Thanks Richard,
It works perfectly after I disabled discourse-content-blocker.

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