Link preview not working for topics behind login

I cannot get the link preview for other topics in my own forum to work sometimes, other times it works fine.

I have no problem when linking to external websites, and in some topics it seems to work fine, but others the preview just doesn’t appear. I’ve tried to write the url in a bunch of different ways, but no luck.

Not working here:

Working here:

hmm interesting, I’m just noticing that the top link has shown a preview in this post, but the bottom one hasn’t…

Is it something to do with the fact that within the bottom link there is a link preview? So you can’t get a link preview to a page that already has a link preview?

The bottom link is login required, that’s not going to work – how exactly do you propose the server web request get to the target if it’s behind a login?

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Oh yeah, makes sense

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