Mailgun is $1/month per 1,000 emails sent (and first 1,000 are free)

:melting_face:… Really, this is really confusing. Thank you for pointing out this. I may try adding a credit card later and see what happens.


The just time a client complained about this I opened a ticket with them and told them that it s confusing (and I think I linked to a discussion very much like this one here).

They didn’t seem to care.


Maybe they just don’t want to waste their ressources on customers like me haha. “You don’t wanna subscribe? Then get away, I’m not going to beg for your pennies.”


When I signed up for Mailgun, (nearly a year ago, some stuff has definitely changed in that time) they made it clear that I could not add my own domain and had to use their sandbox domain until I added a payment method.

It didn’t need to take payment and I didn’t need to select a plan that would eventually cause a payment to be taken, I just needed to add a valid payment method. At the time, the wording was clear that this was to:
a) provide some reassurance that I am a real person not trying to use their system for mass spam; and
b) provide a means of taking payment if I went over the limits

As I understand it, things have since moved around in a confusing and somewhat obscure way but it is still possible to start a trial for the paid plan, (“Foundation”?) then downgrade it to Flex / pay-as-you-go, then add a payment method to unlock own-domains for the same reasons above.


If it has not changed since February, then you just have to start the trial which is the Flex plan. It’s just not obvious.


Yes indeed, this is exactly how it works now. I added a credit card today (which got me out of the sandbox), and subscribed to Foundation Trial plan, then I saw the option to downgrade to Flex / Pay as You Go. They are still offering Flex choice to new customers.

Apologies to Mailgun, I’ve misunderstood you. :smiling_face_with_tear: And I’m grateful for you all helping clarify the mechanism of Mailgun. I guess this is the charm and power of communities. :smile:

I’ve edited the first post I posted here to reflect the fruit of discussions and avoid potential misguidance.

(Mailersend’s 12,000 free emails are still attractive though


Yeah, it’s pretty confusing. I set up a trial and was automatically upgraded to the USD 35 per month plan. I couldn’t find a way to downgrade to the Flex plan, so I decided to switch to another provider instead. But then, when I tried to cancel my Mailgun account, I was presented with this:
So maybe that’s just the way to do it. They keep the Flex option well hidden it seems.


Hello. May I ask if its 1000 emails per month or in total?


It’s 1000/month, but their web site makes it impossible to tell that. It looks like their cheapest plan is $35/month, but that’s not the case. I’ve complained a number of times that my clients couldn’t make sense of their site, but they don’t seem to care.


Just wanted to let everyone know, the Pay as you Go plan is still available as of 02/20/2023.