Topics visibile to not-registered users

Hi guys,
an easy question for you. I already looked for the answer but I didn’t catch anything useful.
My community is private and non-registered users can’t see anything. Just a blank page.
How can I permit them to see specific topics or an entire category?
Thanks in advance to the amazing Dicourse community!

p.s How can I customize the blank page with an introduction to the community for non-registered users?

If you’ve enabled this, no content will be public:


The only way of exposing some Topics, is to make specific Categories private, and de-select this option.

Note by doing so, this will expose some basic user account details like username and names, publicly (but not really sensitive information of course) via API (but not the front end). - similar to the data here:

You might want to disable this option:


For customising the front end take a look through #theme-component

However, you might also want to take a look at the: Landing Pages Plugin :small_airplane: - plugin - Discourse Meta


Yes, my community is private so the whole forum is behind a login

Is this the only way? Ok it looks reasonable.


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