Make it easier to discover how to React

You know that heart-shaped emotion button there at the bottom of this post? Well I discovered that if you just tap it, it becomes a heart emotion.

I.e., if you just go through life just tapping it, you will never know that if you instead held your finger on it longer, then you will get the choice of all 10 or so emotions.

OK, that’s also how the Facebook Like button works, so I suppose no further enhancement is needed. (Because Facebook is the Gold Standard of UX perhaps.)

Yes, if one hovers with a mouse, one also sees the choices.


@jidanni, as a prolific ux topic creator, would it be possible for you to properly tag and title your topics? If you have a ux suggestion, could you include the premise in a descriptive title?

It really helps us keep the place tidy and saves someone else coming along and having to do it. :+1:

Also, could this be folded into your existing (cryptic entitled) topic? I happen to have six emotions, not just hearts


It’s very obvious for those of us who are old fashioned enough to use a computer with a mouse! :smiley:


This is a feature included in the Discourse Reactions plugin, holding the heart button is meant to do that.

Well first I thought everything I posted in the UX category were UX suggestions.

And okay I guess I’m better at writing eye catching book titles.

I guess I can figure out the technical description for it though.

So in this case it would be if the user never long presses the LIKE button s/he will never figure out that there are actually more choices.

But I’ll probably run into a title length limits.

And regarding my two articles. I’m not exactly sure that they’re exactly the same, so perhaps they should not be merged.

You could learn about other reactions while observing other users choices.

Which value do you see in educating people about different reactions?

One way to educate them could be a system notification explaining the possibilities triggered by the first reaction of a user.