Maker Culture: Additional Media Formats, Viewable in One-Box?

  • STL (Stereolithography),
  • WRL (VRML ie Virtual Reality Modeling Language),
  • AMF (Additive Manufacturing File)

Any thoughts or formats I’ve overlooked?

Another file format input for 3D printers is GCode. This file format contains detailed instructions for a 3D printer to follow for each slice, like the starting point for each layer and the “route” that the nozzle or print head will follow in laying down the material. In addition, 3D printer manufacturers may have their own proprietary input file formats that contain instructions specific to the methodology for that make or model, and that are compatible only with that manufacturer’s software.

This does not create a barrier to printing with these machines, as the proprietary file format is generated from the user’s own STL or WRL file. Some examples include the .form file, used with the PreForm software for Form1 printers, or the .zpr format, proprietary to the ZPrint and ZEdit software used with ZCorp binder jet printers.

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I’m not clear on what the request is here… Can you expand on how this would play out for a user of Discourse? Are you looking for some sort of visual rendering when these files are attached?

I think he’s asking for Onebox of those 3D formats, like with SketchFab:


Yes James.
Just like the other file formats viewable in the One-Box.
Does the subject make more sense now?

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