Making `email in min trust` site setting more consistent with `Accept email from anonymous users without account` category setting


Using Discourse 3.1.0.beta2 (164b60cd07).

I have a topic configured as is:

  • Group « all » can see/reply/create
  • Needs moderation for each new topics
  • Inbound email address configured and working
  • Accepts emails from anonymous users with no account

And it works like a charm. But today I spotted an inconsistency:

  • A user created an account first (getting a TL0)
  • Then tried to post on this category by email
  • The user got a Email::Receiver::InsufficientTrustLevelError

I think the user should have the right to post.

I don’t find any mention of this in Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

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I think that may be the email in min trust setting (The minimum trust level a user needs to have to be allowed to post new topics via email). It defaults to TL2, but you can set it to TL0 if that fits your forum flow better.


OK so maybe the issue is that there should be a message under the

Accept email from anonymous users without account

telling that it’s probably inconsistent with “email in min trust” setting and that is should be checked?

Or better, maybe checking Accept email from anonymous users without account should set email in min trust to 0 for the category for consistency? Maybe by warning about it with a message that only appears when it’s checked?


It does seem to leave a non-intuitive gap when you’re setting the category up. :thinking:

I think having some reference to email in min trust in this section (with a link to the setting) could be a good addition:

(And a screenshot of the open :information_source: just to save people checking to see if it’s in there :slight_smile:)