Mandatory tags not being enforced for staff

I have a tag group which is set to be mandatory (it can be seen when entering a new topic). Nonetheless it is possible to save a new topic without a tag being set.

This is the setup:

Using 2.9.0.beta10 (afce65bb79)

Are you a moderator or admin?


Oh my, I am both. So then it’s a feature, I guess…

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Yeah. I feel your pain, though. And there’s discussion elsewhere about how it would be nice to enforce or at least warn people when they break the rules. I’d love a site setting like staff_must_follow_tag_rules.

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Yes exactly. Leading by example!

It’s not a tragedy but just to explain my use case.

We use this specific instance of Discourse as an internal support tool. So

  • all of us are moderators
  • our customers are ordinary users

So while it works fine for the customers to enter requests, bugs or questions, all of us, the company users, have to be careful.

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I’m using tags with Kanban Board and wish that I didn’t have to try so hard to create topics with the right tag.

The immediate solution would be a plugin that would un-exempt staff from the rules. Probably 1-4 hours work depending on features and how much testing is built in.

I believe that this comes up with some frequency, but a (very) quick search fails to find anything.


Also a “default tag” comes to my mind (exactly where the required tag group is, we could select the default one).

As you could observe my tag group is a workflow, good for Kanban, too. So typically a new item would start with a tag new. So then one wouldn’t have to set a tag at all.


A theme component could have a create button that would include a default tag.

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