@ mentioning every community members


Is there a feature in discourse to @ mention whole community member list as part of a single group/user profile or so?

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If you change the max users notified per group mention site setting to 2000000000 just so you don’t need to change it again you can mention the entire community by @trust_level_0


Thanks @ondrej. Thats a a good trick. But seeing notified as ‘trust level 0’ would be not very welcomable for all members i guess. That doesnt sound right addressed that way written in the post.

Can we unify all trust levels and name ‘members’ ‘everyone’ ‘family’ or something?


You can customise the text through admin > customise > Text

You can change trust_level_0 here groups.default_names.trust_level_0


Hi @ondrej ,

I’ve done that, but it seems like the @mention would still read @ trust_level_0 in the post?

Is there a way to change the @mention name?


I didn’t think it would do that :thinking:

I’m not sure then sorry.


Thanks @outofthebox for testing it and sharing the results. I couldnt do it my end.

Also just a suggestion for the Discourse dev team-

If community admins could create a single (@example) for entire community broadcast purpose, it would be a great feature.
(e.g. by adding up all trust level members into 1 single group or so, or a username)

Please consider

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Can you explain why you’d want to do that?


Mainly with the thought to broadcast a single message to all users.(In case there is another way to do it, do share)

e.g. In a poll/support question scenario to get attention of everyone at one go.( Like, the poll/question is not being viewed or voted or a bug in the product that needs quick confirmation, so having this @-everyone in the particular community will get the message broadcasted in one go and we could utilize that post-thread specifically for that conversation/feedback)

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I’d strongly recommend against that. People will get notification fatigue extremely quickly and turn off notifications.


I would suggest: make an Announcements category (or Polls, or whatever is appropriate) and make the site default to be Watching that category. Or at least Watching First Post. Then, they’ll get notified when there’s something new in that category.

People will be able to opt out, but you could explain nicely in a sticky post why you’d like them not to. And really, they can always opt out by leaving the site, so… if someone prefers to not get the default-global notifications… probably ok?


If its one/two time activity in a month/week, having the feature will be beneficial to the community.

Entire community broadcasts would not be a daily activity.

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I don’t agree. If a topic needs an answer and isn’t getting it, pinging everyone is the wrong approach. You need to work out why it’s not being answered. I’ve managed communities for a decade and I strongly caution you against this. There is a reason that we don’t make this easily possible.


FWIW, I agree with Hawk — don’t do this, it’s counterproductive — but I also can’t help but keep coming up with more suggestions. :slight_smile:

  1. You could use a webhook which is called on User Event, hooked to a script which uses the API to add all users to an “everyone” group.
  2. You may be able to use the upcoming Discourse-automation plugin to do the same.
  3. Or maybe even use that directly to send a reminder to people who haven’t voted in your poll.

I can actually see that last case being … not the worst? … if you use it for, say, once-a-year moderator elections or something, and send a reminder when the poll opens and again a week later to those who haven’t yet voted.

But here’s another direction that might be more appropriate for things like “a bug in the product that needs quick confirmation” — look at the Chat Integration plugin, and send to Matrix or a Slack channel where your devs hang out.

That’s because in general, Discourse excels at asynchronous communication. It seems like some of your use cases are really about immediate response and interaction, for which a chat system is better.


Wouldn’t a “Globally Pinned Topic” be an option for this use-case?


Thanks so much for this idea. I have a site with a wide range of categories and interest areas, and have been seeing people are not getting a lot of notifications I’d like them to see. I can see making a “What’s New” or “View from the top” category for admins to post things of notice we want to get more eyes on.

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Maybe this is the issue? What you want is not same as what a user wants to see. Please, don’t be offended, but your point of view sounds very much same what webshops want to do with funnels: forcing a visitor to endresult what the shop wants because visitors aren´t doing it by themselves.

The obvious solution would finding out why visitors are not doing (clicking the bait, buying, what ever) but because shops think they know better, they take the short road.

If you are using something like announce category, and you don’t get what you want, there is two main reasons:

  • your communication
  • users just don’t care and/or bother

Using @everyone is just nagging. Like in domestic situations, that leads to two responses: target increases ghosting or walks away :wink:

And… that is spamming. Not juridically, but mentally. You would send personal messages that are not personally. Massposting per forum topics is different thing because that’s why forum exists.

If you are using announce category and default is following it, most of users don’t change that option and they will see your announcements; if they respond is another story and depends of if they have same interests of the topic as you have… Some will mute it, but it is something you just must live with, because it is theirs choise.


I am not offended at all, this is why I like getting ideas here.

Nor do I want to spam broadcast all or force funnel things. Our community mostly does not know about (yes we try to explain) or make use of the watching settings. Heck, I am not that great myself at it.

I was thinking more of something like a monthly ICYMI, curating some highlights. Not bombarding.

Similar collection that Discourse is sending by email, but more… editor-like? Isn’t email then the easiest solution? Or some announcement-category :wink:

Anyway, this is more or less meta conversation, because AFAIK you don’t have anykind tool to mention everybody. But we can do @tl# or using groups, can’t we?

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Good points all around.

How about a “Promote In Daily Digest” feature? It’d be on the wrench and it would let site admins highlight a particular post in the next set of digests that go out.