Moderators do not get Email notifications

I am the admin & I get notifications whenever our customer’s post or comment on our articles but the moderators do not get emails for the same.

I’ve to notify them every time to reply to them.

Kindly help.

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Your moderator would need to go change their settings to watch the specific category.


Thanks. But what if a person instead of posting separately comments on the post itself? The moderator wont get notification then

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Like I said. The moderator needs to set his/her setting to “watching” on the category

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By posting separately, I take that to mean they create a new topic? An “comments on the post itself” to mean replying to a post? As long as the moderator is Watching that category as @IAmGav said, they’ll be notified in either case. They do have their email preferences set I hope. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, they have. Hope that will work now.

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