Modifying roles and permission

I am having self hosted discourse site and want to modify name of the roles and permission. PLs let me know if it is possible and how i can do this

Any help would be great
Thankyou in advance

Hello :slight_smile:

You can modify the names of the roles by editing the site text. I assume you mean trust levels?

You can change certain permissions in site settings eg what groups can edit others post. However, its not 100% customisable for example, you can’t give permission to tl3 to close a topic without them being tl4.

Also, this is a community support forum not just for team to answer all the questions :wink:


To find the settings for certain permissions, you can take a look at Trust Level Permissions Reference


I want these roles with certain permission in my sites


Top Employee
Mobile Master
Employee Emeritus
Guru Emeritus
Mobile Master Emeritus

Is it possible to create new role and remove existing role

You can probably create a group that the user has to be manually added, and give that group specific perms.

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