More Like WhatsApp for addiction support?

Honestly for this kind of addiction and urgency I think a pure chat app is the way to go. Discourse is hybrid real time for sure, supporting longer and more structured thoughts (power of the paragraph) … but it’s never going to replace a pure real time chat design.

You can certainly do both of these things… it just depends how often the urgency comes up, and that people actually want to write longer stories that are more searchable, etc.


Thanks for this.

It’s made me realise that the two different modes of communication are essential to my business. Discourse is the bomb. I need to figure out the best Chat Room to use to supplement what we have.


The Follow plugin can help. And following categories. But agreed a chat ap would give likely quicker notifications if user has it setup.

With Discourse Live Notifications is also good to have on.

I think there might be a plugin to pull posts from things like discord but not sure if memory is faulty.


I wish there would be a plugin which we can integrate our Discourse with Whatsapp :innocent:.

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How exactly would you envision this integration?


@Heliosurge - How do you activate notifications on mobile, please?

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There is 2 parts

The above is in Discourse user preferences. If they chose not to they may need to enable in mobile browser?

After adding to home screen (android) may need to use android preferences to ensure notifications.

You want folks to use pings though like @members. An @group might be better. Though notifcations pings may still have delays vs a chat ap.

In Discord some use a bot script to poll posts from topic tags or users. Not sure if whatsapp has that or not.

Look at the Babble Plugin for more immediate and almost native and integrated chat capability.

Or as has been suggested go completely chat based. We at Pavilion use Mattermost for chat, which we host ourselves. This is complimentary to our Discourse, not a replacement.


Hi @Heliosurge

I have looked through ‘User Preferences’ on my mobile device, but the content of that option isn’t the same as your screenshot. There is nothing for ‘Notifications’, it’s all about email notifications.

Hi @merefield

I am interested in trying Babble, but I want someone to integrate it for me. Who does this type of work?

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Your hosting provider. In order to use a plugin you will need to be on an appropriate level of plan so that may or may not work for you.

Discourse is my hosting provider, right?

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Yup. So drop their support an email.

Strange. Are you on Apple? As I am on Android.

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@Falco @Systmyz

would it look much different than adding a WhatsApp Provider to this existing Plugin?

It could help occasionally remind users in the chat there is also a Forum that can serve the needs of less urgent conversations.

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WhatsApp has no public API available for us to develop against. Their API is only for medium and large business.

It’s the worst chat platform possible for people wanting to extend or integrate with other software.

Even the more accessible API via Twillio is under beta and has some strings attached. Of course we would accept a community made patch adding support for it, but it’s a hard sell for us to create the integration any time soon.


Ah got it. I thought it was strange they were missing given the popularity. Thanks for the insight.

I know groupme does have a public api any idea why that hasn’t come up yet?

Probably because they’re less popular, I hadn’t even heard of groupme until you mentioned them.


that is very funny to me, shows how global/diverse this community is. its by far the most popular chat application for all the circles im in… strange. good to know! guess ill snoop around the plugin and ask around or figure something else out

thanks for the insight!


I’m afraid we don’t support the Babble plugin on hosted plans (not even Enterprise).