"no-tags" still not translated on 2.4.0.beta11

Continuing the discussion from No-tags, all-tags none translations:

I’m running 2.4.0.beta11 but looks like i18n for the tag selector doesn’t work:


The i18n works only when the option is selected, but not when displaying it on the list.

Is there any other string to translate the list option?

Thank you.

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You can add a translation using Contribute a translation to Discourse

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@Falco, I’m sorry, I don’t follow. I assumed all strings editable via Transifex would also be editable on admin > customize > site texts. Isn’t that the case?

What are the keys to translate the “no-tags” and “all-tags” list options?


This is a regression, it should be fixed once FIX: Translate none-tag and all-tags labels in tag filter by pmusaraj · Pull Request #9030 · discourse/discourse · GitHub gets merged (should happen in the next few hours).