Not receiving activation email for admin on multisite installation

After about 2 years of successful usage of discourse forum I’ve decided to add another one as a multisite.

I’ve been testing this on my test server so I can play around and not mess with the live one (with exactly the same configuration settings). Installation when through without any big issues ( I have followed the multisite guide). I’ve been checking out all sorts of topics on meta discourse, to see if anyone had similar issues and if they were able to solve them.
I use SSO for users on the live (and test server). They log in on my own site and when they wish to go to the discourse the page redirects them with SSO etc. It will be similar on the second site (it will have a different domain, but that shouldn’t be a problem).

The problem that occurs here is that I don’t get the activation email for admin for the second site (I have put the admin mails into app.yml). I made sure to test that the emails are being sent out (as in, the credentials for SMTP are correct and valid). I use the testing feature of the first discourse and the email arrives normaly.
I’ve made sure that I have the latest install of discourse and docker.

Can someone help me with this or point me in the direction of other documentation/topics to slove this issue? I did try to read the logs provided by the discourse itself, but there is a lot in there and would be glad if you can provide some hints as to what I need to look out for.

Much appreciated.

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If you’re using SSO then I don’t think it sends activation emails.

You might use

 RAILS_DB=secondsitename rake admin:create

to set up admin on the second site.


I see. Will try that then. I was trying to avoid this method due to being a bit hacky. But if this is the only way. Then I guess this will have to suffice :slight_smile: Thank you for reading through the problem.

Will report back once I’ve set stuff up.

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I have done this and it works now. Have both pages up and running. Thank you for the help.


Glad that did it! It may seem a bit hacky, but you’ve got a bit of a chicken-egg situation when you have SSO involved, I think. Also, if you set stuff in ENV variables, those settings apply to all hosts.

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Is there a list which ENV variables are in use or can be overriden? I can’t remember if I have setup any (I’m assuming some are setup at the first install).

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You can now override all site settings with ENV variables. I think some might require a rebuild to be applied.

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