Notice: testing Discourse Reactions here on meta for 1 week!

Yes probably, not a discourse-reactions bug though, but something we should fix in core. It’s just user-card is not stopping the click outside of card event after using it to close itself.


Yes I do agree with this


Some things that might need improvement in my opinion:

  1. If there are only likes in a post, the number of likes shows besides the like button (at the right), but if there is more than 1 type of reactions, it shows at the left together with each type of reaction. I think that even if there is only :heart: s, it should still show at the left, to make it more consistent (sometimes I think a post don’t have a reaction, but it was because all reactions of the previous posts were at one side, and in this post it’s at the other side; it’s easy to see, but also easy to skip).

  2. At the left it shows them sum of reactions, but that’s a bit misleading, specially if there are :+1: and :-1: emojis, that have opposite meanings.

  3. It would be great to select more than one reaction (or at least more than 1 type of reaction that is mapped to the like reaction).

  4. When this plugin is enabled, the possible reactions could be shown with 0 as amount, and increase when clicked (it could differentiate the ones that you reacted from the ones you haven’t with a background color, like github does).

Reagarding 3 and 4, it seems it is out of the scope of of this plugin, but in any case I’ve based it on github reactions, that I liked a lot. Example:

I think 1 and 2 deserves some improvement, tough.

Thanks for the plugin, BTW.


This is by design, to make it look as much as current likes when people don’t use reactions. No plans to change this ATM.

I disagree and this is our first report in this way. I don’t understand why we should change the count based on the kind of reaction, positive or negative, a reaction is a reaction.

We already answered this in the topic.

Not sure I get that one.

Being developers, as you can imagine we know github reactions :slight_smile: I would just say a Github comment is not a discourse post and different UI/context means different possibilities and limits. It’s not as simple as just copying what works in another case.


Yes, I thought so, but for me is a bit weird when used together with this plugin (works great when the plugin is not enabled, tough, but seems a bit inconsistent when used together). My opinion, of course.

Well, that depends on what the user want to see. If he/she wants to see the total amount of reactions, it’s fine to show the sum, but if the user wants to know how many gave such types of reactions, a sum is not helpful, and I think that would be a more common case than wanting to know the sum, especially if a feature to sort by reaction type, as requested here, is implemented (although both could be shown anyway, not sure how the UI should be in this case though).

Yes, but this don’t mean that the githubs reactions (specifically) don’t have a place here, and I don’t really see a reason why it shouldn’t be adopted, except if you (the discourse team) don’t want it to behave like github, of course, which seems to be the case, and I gave less priority to items 3 and 4 because of that too.

But the way it works now is fine too, those items above were just my opinion, take it as you want, and feel free to ignore it too.


As the poster, you don’t want to know “how much” reaction there has been, but rather what kind of reactions. This is a direct reflection of what we do in real life: you see how many people smile, how many laugh, etc – not just an abstract “ammount of reaction”.

So I agree that there should be a counter for each kind of reaction. See github’s implementation:



I agree with Lucas and deeplow (and I thought I brought this up at some point in Mattermost…very well could be remembering wrong). Especially if there are highly different reactions, like :-1: vs :+1:, or :smiley: vs :cry:, the sum of reactions is not a useful measurement. Perhaps on desktop only, as we don’t have the room on mobile, we could design a view that splits the reactions.


We only show 3 so that wouldnt work and we clearly dont want to show more (for space reasons). This is why I say we are not as github, because we can’t dedicate as much space to this as they do. At least thats our position at the moment.

I hear you, but a UX is full of tradeoffs and opinions.

Not to mention the full breakdown is only one click away, so it’s not like it was not possible to get.


took me a second to realize I needed to stop moving for hover effect on desktop as well :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry if I overlooked this but is the plan to make this optional, or will this be available anyhow?

This is a plugin so unless you install it on your site it will not be available


Oops sorry I completely forgot I installed this :blush: must be working too hard at this darned forum.

So… what if ‘eek’ and ‘cry’ won’t work for me?



Can you try to hard reload the page? I also got an issue like this, this was solved just with a hard reload😅


Unfortunately, no.
How do I go about adding my own emoji’s? By looking up the unicode name and entering that? Feel a bit stupid but can’t get it to work :sob:


Do you mean creating custom emojis or adding them to the list of allowed reactions?

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That was a bit unclear, sorry, both actually… but I thought adding to list of allowed reactions would be easy. I must be doing something wrong.

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Are there any plans to support posting reactions from embedded post/messages on remote site?

@Astra To make a custom emoji set have a look at this topic

To add or remove reactions in the plugin go to your site settings an search plugin:discourse-reactions when you scroll down you will see this setting discourse reactions enabled reactions this is where you can change the allowed reactions. You can also add custom emojis you create.

Hope this helps :grinning:


So, my reaction (heh) after a week — I still love the feature and think it is basically a “table stakes” level thing that should be enabled everywhere.

However, on meta, I have used :heart: more than anything still, because I’m generally not responding to things that shock or anger me and not everything is a party.

I don’t think the set chosen is necessarily a bad default in general, but not quite what I’d pick for a technical site like this one. I’m not sure exactly what I’d want instead — more research is needed, I think.


I like this, and am working in mostly a blank theme to test, and the beer is pink

what could I add to have it yellow?


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